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About the game

Think in 3D

A new cooperative puzzle game in 3D!


Your adventure starts when two space investigators, Kaiten and Ido, land in a wonder cubic world, where they attempt to discover the truth about the planet…


Are you a fan of a challenging and intellectual puzzle game?


Engage your brain, cooperate with each other and solve the puzzle! 

The Worlds of Minimal Move


Welcome to the worlds of Minimal Move!

The rule of the worlds is simple. Move the blocks and go to the portal! 


The very first world. It’s relatively safe but be careful of cactus! 


It’s pretty hot here! Watch out on your feet!  The lava cube can burn you! The guard of this world, Flamin tries to block your way! 


The jumper cube can transfer you to the other jumper cube! The robot Beaman is trying to heat up the blocks by the laser beam to catch you! 

More worlds are coming soon! 

Stay tuned!



Their mission is to discover and reveal the secret of this mysterious planet. The good teamwork  is a key to success! Good luck! 


Kaiten, a jolly fellow! His ability is to make blocks turn! Kaiten is a comical guy and mostly joking around, but he is actually a gentleman and always helping his friend! 


Ido, an intelligent lady! Her ability is to move blocks to right and left or up and down! She is very calm and sophisticated independent woman. She seems cold but actually she has a big heart and always there for friends! 


the AI spaceship of Kaiten and Ido, but not only that! RX-181 always helps the team and protect them from the dangerous situations! 

There’s much more coming up about the amazing universe of Minimal Move!

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